Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Rumours : iPad 4 and iPad Mini Release Date

Rumours : iPad 4 and iPad Mini Release Date - There were news about Apple releasing two iPads in 2012. It is true, but it is not what you actually expect. It is not iPad 4, it is the iPad Mini. iPad Mini is Apple’s solution for lower end customers who want a tablet at a smaller price range. iPad Mini will be having a screen size of 7-8 inch and will be priced around $200. Apple’s component manufacturer has confirmed this report and iPad Mini will hit the markets by the end of October or by early November this year.

So iPad 3, iPhone 5 and iPad Mini are the three from Apple for the year 2012. Now about the release date of iPad 4, rumors and speculations are on the high and as ever, Apple is silent. News is that the release of iPad 4 will be in March 2013. As Apple is very strict about their product release cycles, you can never expect an early release of iPad 4. For Apple, the immediate priority is the release of iPhone 5 and iPad Mini. iPad lovers will have to wait.
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