Thursday, February 16, 2012

Download Skype Update for iPhone 4S

Skype update for iPhone and iPod Touch has finally been released with the support of the new multitasking features of the iOS4. The new Skype update will enable you make call and receive messages even if the Skype app is running in the background.

Running Skype in the background when multitasking in iOS4 . Receive Skype calls and IM, while other apps are active, or the iPhone is locked. The call can be continued even when switching to other apps. Multitasking is possible only with the iPhone and iPhone 4.

Now it is only needs Skype to Skype video chat for the iPhone along with for iPad support. Remind you, Skype was released in March 2009 supported for Symbian phones and since then has only a few minor updates.
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