Monday, January 23, 2012

iPhone 5 Release Date Singapore

iPhone 5 Release Date Singapore - When is iPhone 5 Launch Date Singapore ?

This is an update on the previous post : iPhone 5 release date singapore , where we talked about the speculated specs and also a video on the roundup and also the launch date.

Moving on , based on reliable news sources such as The Straits Times . The iPhone 5 launch date should be by estimated by the end of october or to be get a better gauge it would be 2 months from the launch from US Cupertino Apple Office.

He added that Singapore, being a ‘tier one’ market, has historically been one of the first non-American markets to carry the handset, typically within two months of its launch there, but declined to say when he expected SingTel to have the handset on sale here.

By SingTel chief executive for Singapore, Mr Allen Lew

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