Monday, January 23, 2012

How to Make iPhone Home Button More Responsive

How to Make iPhone Home Button More Responsive - There’s this odd trick that’s been running around the web for quite some time now. We thought it might help you – even though we ourselves haven’t had the need for this tip. The tip shows you how to make iPhone home button more responsive.

Step One: Open the Weather App or the Stock App.

Step Two: Hold the power button long enough so the “Power to Slide off” slider appears on the iPhone.

Step Three: Now, after having released the power button, press and hold the Home button till the slider disappears and the Weather/Stock app force quits.

If you’re lucky enough – like almost everyone around who’s tried this trick – your iPhone home button would now be more responsive. Don’t ask us how or why, but if you want to know how to recalibrate iPhone home button, this sure looks like a pretty easy method that you can follow right away.

Although the nitty-gritty and the logic behind this method isn’t visible, the method sure helps those who’ve been looking for stuff on how to make iPhone home button more responsive – because the home button (the most pressed of all buttons on iPhone!) has this habit of lagging down, or becoming unresponsive after some time. In cases of rough or over-usage, the chances are pretty high.

Incidentally, as most of the times it’s just a software problem rather than hardware, this tip could come in very handy. It’s just about opening an app (the stock app that is), holding the power button till the slider appears, then holding the home (releasing the power button, though) till the slider disappears and the app force quits. You don’t have to respring the device as such – but if things don’t work at first trial, try restarting the device to check if the home button got recalibrated during the reboot.

See the Video of How to Recalibrate Your iPhone’s Home Button:

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