Friday, November 18, 2011

XL GoKlik Handphone

XL Axiata PT Tbk. (XL) presents Smart Portal goklik which facilitates users in an update status on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Portal smart also makes it easy for users in getting the information, such as detecting the amount of time, this type of communication, to shopping package content, all of which can be done through Wap portal smart goklik.

Wap portal smart goklik is accessible directly from your mobile phone via a browser to the site with simply by pasting a number XL proxy address and port on the proxy: and port: 8080.

The ease with which obtained by the customer in using the portal smart XL goklik this also updates the status of the social Web, it can also read the latest news and access email free of charge. In addition customers can also make pengecekkan the rest of the time, and can draw from world wide packets, such as the XL package nelpon, sms, internet, as well as packages and interesting games RBT.

Wap Portal goklik has been launched since the beginning of last November and has had a total of 24.5 million subscribers with an average of 3.5 million pageviews per day. The ease of accessing the internet through mobile phones have become a necessity which is required by its customers, and tercapat the use of data services are growing rapidly by 278% of 1.7 Petabytes into 6.5 Petabytes in a period of one year and users data service has reached 24.1 million.

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