Saturday, November 19, 2011

Halloween in the Latin America

Halloween in the Latin America - Halloween is a celebration observed on October 31, primarily in regions of the Western world, the traditions and importance of the celebration vary significantly between geographical areas. In parts of Central and South America, kids will pay a visit to their neighbors and yell "¡Dulce o Truco!" ('Sweet or Trick!') in order to get candy, while in Brazil kids yell "Travessuras ou gostosuras!". In Chile, Halloween has become more and popular over the last 20 years, imitating North American customs such as children dressing up, going house to house asking for candy, yelling "¡Dulce o travesura!", whereas teenagers and adults go to costume parties at discotheques. The Spanish name for Halloween is Noche de Brujas (Night of the Witches), and the Portuguese name is Dia das Bruxas. One thing common in these countries are wearing of costumes which are mostly popular in children. Their favorite costume wear are lead characters like Dorothy costume from the Wizard of Oz or Snow White and the seven dwarfs.

In Colombia Halloween is celebrated widely and in the fashion of the United States' celebration. Children dress up and visit their neighbours chanting "¡Triqui triqui halloween, Quiero dulces para mi, Si no hay dulces para mi, Se le crece la nariz!" (Tricky tricky halloween, I want candy for me, If there is no candy for me, Your nose will grow!) There is no cultural precedent for the celebration of Halloween and the current festivities are the result of the influence of American culture and commercial interests. Notably, the chant commences with "Triqui triqui", a rough transliteration of "trick or treat", words which have no meaning in Spanish. The images and symbols commonly associated with Halloween (witches, skeletons, spider webs, pumpkins and so on) are faithfully represented in Colombian Halloween celebrations.

Recently the Catholic Church has expressed its concerns over the celebration of a day in which ghosts, goblins, witches and other expressions of evil are linked to the happiness of children. In recent years there has been a concerted push to change the celebration of Halloween to the celebration of Children's Day, in which costumes and sweets would still be present, but the sinister side of the event would be suppressed. Although there is increased use of "Children´s Day", "Halloween" is by far the word used for the celebration, not only because the latter name is far more famous, but because there is already a Children's Day celebrated in Colombia on April's last Saturday.

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