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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Download iPad Air wallpaper for iPhone / iPad

Download iPad Air wallpaper for iPhone / iPad - With the launch of the iPad Air, Apple revealed a brand new home / lock screen wallpaper never before seen on iOS 7. Now thanks to Adriano Mendes you can download the iPad Air wallpaper to an iPhone or iPad.

The files below are unofficial versions of the slick green-to-blue gradient wallpaper seen on the iPad Air. The iPhone wallpaper is sized for the iPhone 5 / 5s / 5c.

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Hello great users! I like to ask you Apple IPhone experts a question! I have a stubborn friend who thinks he know everything about Apple products.

Ucu SAfitri - Company Name

Phone is gud design and performance wise bt Battery iz a major concern..Drains very fast when play music..Bt still loving ths phn to the peak...

Cantik - Company Name

Phone z gud design and performance wise bt BATTERY is pathetic...if u paly music even for 2 hours ,your battery will drain very fast... Bt still m loving this phone to the peak....

Gadis - Company Name

is amazing model....but i have some problem in this model it almost flexible to me and software problem it's very disappoint to me .

Hesti - Company Name

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